Saturday, 14 July 2018

Inauguration of lecture series : Layman & Housing Laws

One of the flagship projects of 2018-19 – a knowledge sharing lecture series titled “Layman & Housing Laws” was inaugurated on Sunday, 11th July, 2018 by Chief Guest Past District Governor Rtn.Sajjan Goenka at Rotary Service Centre.  Speaking on the occasion, President Anand Gupta explained the need for this lecture series for the community. PDG Sajjan Goenka lauded the efforts of the Club as well as the partners in the project viz. Maharashtra Societies Welfare Association (MSWA)

The inaugural lecture on ‘Success Story of MahaRERA’ was given by housing guru CA Ramesh Prabhu, Founder Chairman of MSWA.  His talk was full of statistics about success of MahaRERA. He informed that more 20000 complaints were received in MahaRERAtill date out of which about 15000 have been resolved in forty-five to fifty days from the date of complaint. He further highlighted that there is a provision for appeal to Appellate Tribunal wherein till date about two hundred appeals have been filed out of which more than 60% appeals were decided within forty-five days. He clarified that redevelopment projects of housing societies are also covered under RERA and the housing societies are also liable jointly with the developer for obligations under the Law.

Rtn. Adv. Hiralal Suthar spoke on the “Disputes and Resolutions” under co-operative laws and highlighted the nature of disputes in co-operative housing and premises societies and the reasons for the same. He brought to the notice avenues for resolutions of these disputes. He further observed that the national policy on co-operatives formulated in 2002 has been implemented through 97thAmendments of the Constitution. He highlighted various issues the adjudication of which comes within the jurisdiction of Registrar as well as certain other issued over which the Co-operative Courts exercise jurisdiction. He also highlighted that arbitration, reconciliation, Lok Adalat and mediation are also integral part of the dispute resolution mechanism.

The meeting was well attended despite heavy rains and there was a lively question and answers session.

Concluding the talk,CA Shri Ramesh Prabhu informed that the next topic for discussion on Sunday, 5th August 2018 will be “Redevelopment” and Adv. Rtn. Hiralal Suthar confirmed that the next topic fordiscussions will be transfer of shares and interest in a co-operative housing and premises societies on sale, gift, release of interest or part thereof, transfer to the nominee and transfer to legal heirs on demise of member as well as transfers following the Will of a deceased member and will also analyse the Supreme Court Judgement in re. “IndraniWahi” dealing with transfer to a nominee which has gone viral on social media creating serious confusion.

Rtn. Adv. Hiralal Suthar

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