Saturday, 31 May 2014

Club launches a new academic excellence award !!

Our Club has instituted Chandaben Mohanbhai Patel Rotary Excellence Award which aims to recognize and reward excellence in academics at Board and University level examinations.  Students from identified schools, colleges and institutions in western suburbs of Mumbai securing 1st2nd and 3rd ranks in their respective institutions will be awarded cash prizes ranging from Rs.3000 to Rs.10000 every year from the income earned on a corpus generously donated by Surajba Charitable Trust to Rotary Service Public Charitable Trust. The awards will accompany a Certificate of Achievement from Rotary Club of Bombay West.
A tripartite MOU has been signed by the Club, the Rotary Trust and Surajba Charitable Trust on 9th May 2014 which, interalia, provides for constituting a Committee to frame the rules as well as manage the Award.  The Committee shall comprise of three Rotarians or Rotary/Anns nominated by the Club, one Rotarian or Rotary/Ann nominated by the Rotary Trust and one Rotarian or Rotary/Ann nominated by Surajba Charitable Trust. The Board at its meeting held on 28th May 2014 appointed Past President Arvind Shah to Chair this Committee and suggest two nominees from the Club to be part of the Committee.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

RCBW Hosts Level II Dist Training Programme on Literacy

Our Club successfully hosts the Level II Dist Training Programme on Literacy at Rotary Service Centre on Sunday, May 25, 2014 from 8:30 AM onwards.  The Training Session was attended by over 110 Rotarians from 50+ Rotary Clubs of District 3140.  Over a dozen members from our Club too attended this programme.

Rotary's "T-E-A-C-H" Programme

Buoyed by the success of "End Polio", a program of Rotary International, the efforts of which resulted in eradication of polio from nearly 99% of the world, Rotary wants to start a war against illiteracy in South Asia and provide "Freedom from Illiteracy" by the year 2017. Understanding the enormity of the task it is important that we make a start, that too a meaningful one. We wish to achieve this with "Rotary's TEACH Mission"

For more information about this programme click on "Rotary T-E-A-C-H Programme" link on our website

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Report of Club Assembly : 21/05/2014

CLUB ASSEMBLY : 21-05-2014

President Krishna Kejriwal welcomed Asst.Governor Designate Rtn.Dr.Raju Sahetya , Group Co-ordinator Designate Rtn.Ms.Rajul Gandhi and the members of our Club.  He then invited President Elect (PE) Mohan Joshi to conduct the proceedings of his first Club Assembly for Rotary Year 2014-15.

PE Mohan Joshi started the meeting with some information on District Thrust areas for 2014-15. He made special mention about some new initiatives of the District:

·         ABCDE           Abilities and Challenges of the Differently Abled and Elderly
·         ACHE             Acting Continuously for Hunger Eradication
·         Service 14    In specified 14 Weeks, all the Clubs in Dist 3140 will do similar projects to create better impact about Rotary activities in the society. 

PE Mohan mentioned that we must integrate and collaborate projects with various avenues of service so that our projects can add greater value to the community. He added that the Board will further work in consolidating projects broadly in the following categories:

·         100% Literacy by 2017
·         Enhancing Access to Healthcare to Urban Poor

PE Mohan then invited Secretary Elect Sandeep Vasani to present proposed projects under Community Service I on behalf of Rtn.Hemant Joshi, Director Elect.  Rtn.Sandeep outlined the focus areas viz. eLearning, setting up a centre for senior citizens and adoption of an old age home.  Elaborating on the eLearning Project, Rtn.Sandeep informed that the Club had identified two vendors who supply hardware and software with school curriculum which will be a useful tool for better learning especially for the under-privileged children in urban and rural areas who are not fortunate enough to study in private well-managed schools.
The next presentation was by Rtn.Hiralal Suthar, Chairman – Rural Projects on behalf of Rtn.Gautam Chande, Director – Community Service III.  Rtn.Suthar informed the members that the rural service projects for 2014-15 would revolve around the Rotary Goal of 100% Literacy by 2017.  With this objective, the Community Service III team would carry out projects at rural / tribal schools in Palghar & Dahanu Talukas in Dist.Thane aimed at improving infrastructure, e-Learning, child development and career guidance/support.

Rtn.Arjun Hardasani, Director – Community Service II presented the plans of his avenue of service which manages our Medical Centre, TB & HIV Counselling Centre and arranges on-site and off-site medical camps for the community.  These and other health related projects for the community will be comprise of the umbrella project of the Club viz. Enhancing Access to Health Care to Urban Poor.

Rtn.Samapti Patel, Director – Women Empowerment & Save Girl Child made slick presentation on some projects with far reaching benefits.  Our Club will participate in and support the RI Pilot Project on Maternal Mortality in Jawahar Tal in Maharashtra.  The project involves regular check-up of pregnant women, supplemental nutrition, providing medicines, teenage pregnancy, sex education, marriage counselling – right age for marriage, etc.  The project is supported by Organization of Pharmaceutical Producers of India.

The last presentation of the evening was made by Rtn.Anand Gupta, Director – Vocational Service.  The projects lined up for this avenue of service include career counselling, career fairs, vocational loan scholarships, a special cell to help students avail education loans from banks, propagating 4-Way Test and Value Education at schools and vocational excellence awards.  He also talked at length about his dream project – piloting management of a municipal school by a private well managed school / trust under the ‘public-private partnership programme’ of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM).

President then requested PP Rtn.Rajendra Ruia to introduce Rtn.Dr.Raju Sahetya, Asst.Governor Designate.  Obstetrician and Gynaecologist by profession, Dr.Sahetya is a Charter Member of Rotary Club of Bombay Airport since 1988 and has held several key positions in his Club as well as District 3140.  President then invited him to offer his comments and suggestions on the presentations made by PE Mohan Joshi and his team.

AG Designate began his address with generous praise for our Club which is into its Diamond Jubilee Year for engaging in community service projects across all avenues of service.  He also appreciated the plans laid out before him by PE Mohan Joshi and his team for the year 2014-15 which included some impressive new ideas and at the same time continuing with the traditional and permanent projects of the Club to serve the communities.  Dr.Sahetya particularly mentioned about our Club projects like Vocational Loan Scholarship which was well-known in the Rotary world and has over a period of time helped students to achieve their career goals.  The proposed project of maternal mortality, e-Learning and management of municipal school under public-private partnership program of MCGM also fascinated him as these would go a long way in helping the communities and fulfil the rotary goals. Lastly, he urged PE Mohan Joshi to set a high target for TRF contributions and also ensure our Club continues to be 100% PHF and EREY Club.

The Club Assembly ended with a hearty vote of thanks by Vice President Rtn.Shirish Rege.  He specially thanked AG Designate Dr.Raju Sahetya and Group Coordinator Designate Rtn.Ms.Rajul Gandhi for their gracious presence and their valuable feedback and suggestions for the ensuing rotary year.

Rtn.Aslam Merchant

Club Byelaws Amended

At the Members Meeting held on 21st May 2014 following the Club Assembly, the amendment to Article 5, Section 2(a) of the Club Bye Laws was approved:
Existing Section 2(a)
The regular weekly meetings of the Club shall be held on Wednesdays at 8.00 p.m. Due notice of any changes in or cancellation of the regular meetings shall be given to all members of the Club.
 Amended Section 2(a) The regular weekly meetings of the Club shall be held on Wednesdays at Rotary Service Centre, Rotary Chowk, Juhu Tara Road, Mumbai at 8.00 PM. Due notice of any changes in or cancellation of the regular meetings shall be given to all members of the Club.
 The duly amended copy of the Club Byelaws has been uploaded on our website from where members can download and save on their computing device.

Aslam Merchant

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Welcome Msg from E-Admin

Dear Members,


Welcome to the RCBW : NEWS ROOM...

This is yet another initiative of Rotary Club of Bombay West to connect with Members of the Club as well as with Members of other Rotary Clubs, District, Rotary International (RI) and general public at large.

The President and other officials of the Club along with Chairmen of various Committees will post the latest News here on Events and Projects of the Club.  From here, the News will be picked up by the Editor of our Weekly Club Bulletin, FLYING CARPET as well as by the Club E-Administrator for reporting to RI District 3140 on their website as well as publishing on the RI Websites.

So friends, post the News as it is unfolding or immediately thereafter and engage your fellow rotarians in the events and projects you're managing for wider participation and better PR mileage.

Here's wishing the Team 2014-15 all the very best !!

Aslam Merchant
Vice President & E-Admin (2014-15)
Rotary Club of Bombay West