Saturday, 9 March 2019

Ek Mulaqat, Hansaji Ke Saath - Celebrating International Women’s Day

Rotary Club of Bombay West in association with Inner Wheel Club of Bombay West, Rotary Club of Bombay Airport, its sponsored Rotaract Clubs and The Yoga Institute celebrated International Women’s Day in a unique way with Chief Guest, Dr.Hansaji Yogendra.

Welcoming the gathering, Rtn.Anand Gupta, President of RC of Bombay West said that International Women’s day to him was the celebration of respect, appreciation, love and care towards women in our life and in the society.  He urged everyone to join together as partners – women and girls, men and boys – to make gender equality a reality for all.

Dr.Hansaji Yogendra, Director of the Yoga Institute, in a conversation with Dr.Kavita Rege, President of Inner Wheel Club of Bombay West, offered insights of Yoga philosophy, importance of Yoga in today’s world,  the need to control our mind for healthy being, food intake and diets, significance of proper rest and sleep, maintaining healthy family relationships, generation gap, etc.  Her easy solutions to complex life problems delivered in easy to understand language impressed the gathering of over 200 people from the community, students and teachers of the Yoga Classes conducted at Rotary and members of the host organizations.  Members from the audience too asked some pertinent questions to Dr.Hansaji which she replied with flair in plain and simple sentences.

Earlier, Dr.Hansaji Yogendra was introduced by her disciple and a Yoga Counselor, Rotary Ann Shahin Merchant.  Dr.Hansaji, an honorary member of RC of Bombay West, is Chairperson of Yoga Certification Council of Quality Council of India and President of International Board of Yoga.  Over the past five decades, Hansaji has made significant contributions in areas like yoga education, research, experiential learning and standardisation of yoga practices. She led the NCERT project of designing and formulating Yoga Education Syllabus for schools nationwide.  Shahin also gave details of Dr.Hansaji’s contribution to research work on treating various ailments through Yoga as well as the social initiatives undertaken by The Yoga Institute under her leadership.  To her students, Dr.Hansaji is not only a guru, but a true friend, a mentor and a guide.

Rtn.Suketu Jariwala proposed a well-structured vote of thanks which came straight from the heart.  The event was followed by a sumptuous dinner for all invited guests.

-          Report by Rtn.Aslam Merchant

Friday, 22 February 2019

Dr.Samir Bhargava honoured with Rotary Vocational Excellence Award

Rotary Vocational Excellence Award 2018-19 was conferred on Dr.Samir Krishnakant Bhargava, a renowned ENT Surgeon, at the Club’s meeting held on Wednesday, 20th February, 2019.

Dr. Samir Krishnakant Bhargava is a gold medallist and first ranker in M.S. {ENT} and is a diploma holder in {D.O.R.L}.  He is currently associated with HBT Medical college and Cooper hospital as Professor and Hinduja hospital as consultant. He is President Elect of Association of Otolaryngologists of India.  His publication ‘A Short Text Book on ENT Diseases’ has been referred by over 2.5 lakh students.  He is a recipient of several awards and recognitions in his vocation as well as community service.  Dr.Samir is son of our senior member, Dr.Krishnakant Bhargava and an active Rotarian from Rotary Club of Bombay Seacoast.

Dr.Samir thanked President and members of our Club for the honour bestowed on him. Dr Samir said that almost a lakh of new born infants in India are deaf. However since certain tests are not mandatory,  by the time parents realise that their Child is hearing impaired, she/he is already 4-5 yrs old.  In 2020 when he takes over as President of Association of Otolaryngologists of India he plans to push for mandatory testing for hearing deficiencies at the time of birth.

Dr .Samir then made a presentation on “Sonoring – Not Funny, Not Hopeless” and gave us an insight into problems related to snoring.  Snoring can do a lot more harm than just annoy your partner – it can lead to poor sleep quality and quantity. Some of the people who snore loudly could be suffering from obstructive sleep apnea.  Sleep apnea is a serious condition causing a person to wake up in order to start breathing again.  Regular snoring doesn’t typically wake up a person.  Generally people in the middle or older age group tend to snore.  Percentage of male snorers is higher than females. Fatigue, mood swings, headaches are symptoms of sleep apnea.  This can lead to broken marriages, car accidents or feeling like a zombie in spite of sleeping for 7/8hrs as also serious health problems. There is no medicinal cure for sleep apnea. CPAP is a device which helps to keep airways openbut a large percentage of people are not comfortable using it.  To reduce snoring one should not sleep on the back but should sleep on the side. Weight loss, exercising and limiting consumption of alcohol and smoking should be followed. Each person would have different reason for snoring or for suffering from sleep apnea and hence there is no single solution to the problem.

The meeting ended with Rtn.G.S.R.K.Rao giving vote of thanks.

-          R/Ann Geeta Mohan Joshi


Monday, 7 January 2019

District Legal Seminar : Family Disputes on Succession of Properties & Will

A Legal Seminar Family Disputes on Succession of Properties & Will was organized by the District Team led by Chief Group Avenue Head Rtn.Virendra Widge and Avenue Chair Rtn.Ashok Shetty (Convener) at Rotary  Service Centre, Juhu on Saturday, 5th January, 2019.  Rotary Club of Bombay West were the Lead Host Club of this district event.

Keynote Guest Speakers CA Akshay Shah and Adv Vipul Shah – both considered to the expert on the subject with warehouse of practical knowledge – made brilliant presentations to the 100+ participants, mainly from the neighborhood community and members of various Rotary Clubs from District 3141.  The  lucid and well-structured talk on a very complicated though important subject which impacts every individual in the society was suitably appreciated by the audience. This was followed by a very active Q&A Session where several queries were posed by the participants to the experts on the dais.  

The Q&A Session was moderated by Adv Rtn.Hiralal Suthar, member of Rotary Club of Bombay West, who also summarized the learnings and gave his closing remarks.  Handouts on key provisions related to a Will, Useful tips on preparation of a Will and highlights of Hindu Succession Act, 1956 were distributed to the participants as takeaways.

Rtn.Ashok Shetty thanked both the Guest Speakers for sharing their knowledge with the audience and hoped that the free advice rendered by them would be followed and derive benefits from it.  He also thanked the 8 (eight) co-host Clubs viz. Rotary Club of Bombay, Bombay Airport, Bandra, Bandra BKC, Mumbai Juhu, Greencity, Parleshwar & Iconic for supporting the event.  Certificates of Appreciation were handed over to the representatives from these co-host Clubs by Rtn.Virendra Widge.

Earlier, Rtn.Anand Gupta, President – Rotary Club of Bombay West welcomed the gathering.  PP Rtn.Aslam Merchant for Bombay West proposed a formal vote of thanks.

The awesome feedback received from the participants post the Seminar was indeed encouraging.

-          Report by Rtn.Aslam Merchant, RC of Bombay West

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Achieving Success in Stock Market Is Simple – Shri Ramesh Damani

Rotary Club of Bombay West was delighted to have Shri Ramesh Damani, the Ace Investor and Member of BSE, as a Guest Speaker at its Meeting held on Wednesday, 2nd January, 2019.

In his presentation 20/20 Looking Back, Looking Forward made to a jam-packed hall at Rotary Service Centre, Juhu, Shri Damani stressed on starting early the journey of investment in Stock Markets.  The compounding effect for those who start early is huge as compared to those who decide to splurge their income when they are young and start investments much later in their career.  During the decades since he started investing in Indian Stock Markets in 1984, so many unsolicited events, scandals, disasters have occurred leading to markets crashing - like the assassination of Prime Ministers, Communal Riots, Bomb Blasts, War, Tech Meltdown, Tsunami, Demonetisation, GST to name a few.  To quote Shri Damani, “India Grows at Night”.  Despite all this, the index has seen steady rise over this period giving a decent Y-o-Y returns to the Investors like no other investment product.  India growth story is intact and he was bullish on the long term prospects.  According to him, Indian markets offer greater opportunities to the investors in the next 20-25 years as compared to the last 20-25 years.

Becoming rich through Stock Market Investments is Simple.  All one needs to do is, as mentioned earlier, start early,  identify businesses which will do well over the next decade and beyond and spot for specific stocks within that space.  Ofcourse, he added that it requires a lot of hard work to do your own research and pick the winners.

Some of the potential winners in coming years would come from stocks in Liquor, Tobacco, Gaming, Real Estate, Clean Energy, Quick Service Restaurants, Airlines, Tech NBFCs, Logistics, Entertainment & Content and Algorithms, AI, Robots, Data, Curators.  While the potential losers would belong to Auto, Auto Ancillary, Auto Insurance, Refining, Textiles, Conventional Banking, Pharma and Heavy Labour Industries.

His final advise was stay invested for longer term. The Presentation ended with a quote - “Financial winners don’t run sprints, they run marathons. They don’t rush.  They do step by step over time.”

-          Report by Rtn.Aslam Merchant

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Project GreenEARTH

Trees play a vital role in the equilibrium of the ecosystem. Deforestation is a process of cutting trees to make space for pastures or for industries and households of the ever-increasing human population. Excessive cutting of trees for urban use and other purposes is detrimental to the environmental balance.  Trees are responsible for drawing up water from the soil and releasing moisture into the atmosphere. Climate change is a severe outcome of the excessive cutting down of trees.

It is imperative that we humans are responsible for the state of our Planet today.  And we alone can reverse the climate change by changing our attitude towards the environment.  One of the simplest things, according to our President Anand Gupta, is to take a pledge to plant at least one tree on one’s birthday and anniversary and other celebrations at home or office.  If this thought is put into action, we can reverse the situation in the next few decades, if not years. 

With this thought in place, Anand embarked upon his first project of the Miracle Year – Project GreenEarth.  It’s been a tradition at our Club to give small mementoes to members and spouses on their birthdays and anniversaries.  Instead, he translated his thoughts into action by decided to plant a tree on every such occasion and handover a Project GreenEarth Certificate to the members and spouses while wishing them Happy Birthday or Happy Wedding Anniversary.  What a wonderful gesture!  I am sure, this Certificate brings more joy and pride to the recipients than the material gifts which they have been receiving over the years.

In association with Gokhale Education Society’s Agriculture Institute and Krishi Vigyaan Kendra, we have planted 120 Chikoo trees.  Work is in progress for planting another 90 Drumstick and 240 Kesar Mango Trees which will be completed in the next 2/3 weeks.  The project envisages maintenance and security of the trees by the Institute who have installed drip irrigation system for watering the plants and appropriate fencing to protect them from grazing cows and other animals.

President Anand Gupta, Youth Service Director Rajul Doshi and senior member Rtn.Dr.Ramesh Shah visited the site of our Project GreenEarth at Kosbad Hill, Tal.Dahanu, Dist. Palghar on Monday, 29th October, 2018.  The entire team of the Institute was present at the venue to receive us and thank us for choosing them as the partners for this well-conceived environment project. Also present were Principals of Gokhale Education Society’s Kosbad, Waki and Talasari Ashram Shaalas. Students of the Institute performed Tarpa Dance. President Anand Gupta appreciated the efforts of the Institute in execution of the project with voluntary assistance from students.  All the volunteering students were felicitated by RCBW and a Participation Certificate was handed over to them. 

- Rtn.Rajul Doshi

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Art & Craft Teachers' Training Workshop

In association with Camlin Kokuyo Ltd., the Club organized an Art & Craft School Teachers Training Workshop on 27th October, 2018 at Rotary Service Centre, Juhu.

How important is Art & Craft teaching for school kids.....they learn to think and act as artists, makers and designers, working creatively and intelligently. They develop an appreciation of and engagement in artcraft and design as critical consumers and audiences and an understanding of its role in the creative and cultural industries that shape and enrich their lives.  

When it comes to continuing education, Art & Craft Teachers are mostly neglected.  With a view to update and upgrade their knowledge on techniques and newer materials available today, this Workshop was arranged.  Over 50 School Teachers teaching art and craft subjects at the schools in Mumbai took benefit of the Workshop which was completely free for them.  The Workshop was professionally conducted by Shri S.Rajkumar, senior executive with Camlin Kokuyo Ltd. At the end of the Workshop, they were gifted with a hamper of art & craft material from the organisers.

Earlier, President Anand Gupta of Rotary Club of Bombay West welcomed the participants and wished them well in their learning initiative.  Dr.Kavita Rege, President of Inner Wheel Club of Bombay West gave a hearty vote of thanks to end the programme.

Raas & Garba Celebration with GenNEXT

Haalo Re – a Grand Garba Event of Rotarians, Rotaractors & Inner Wheel Members

Rotary Club of Bombay West (RCBW) in association with Rotaract Clubs of Andheri, Bombay West, N.M.College, UPG College and Sathaye College and Inner Wheel Club of Bombay West (IWCBW) organized a grand Garba Event – Haalo Re on 23rd October, 2018 at Rotary Service Centre.

It was the first time ever that all its sponsored Rotaract Clubs collaborated with RCBW & IWCBW to celebrate a festival!  S.R.Hall was ethnically decorated with traditional bandhanis and chunnaris, diyas, puppets and traditional Gujarati and Rajasthani decorative festoons. The evening commenced with the Aarti of the Goddess and prayers for good health and prosperity to all.
Then commenced the garba raas and dandiya when everyone danced to the tunes of Chogada and Sanedo.  Mouth-watering chaats and desserts were served to keep the energy live.  A total of 110 Rotaractors, Rotarians, Rotary Anns, Inner Wheel Members, District Officials, Exchange Students and Guests enjoyed the fun-filled evening which was co-sponsored by RCBW President Anand Gupta, IWCBW President Dr.Kavita Rege, PE Rtn.Samapti Patel, PP Rtn.Ashok Deorah, Rtn.Dr.Paresh Dodhiwala and Director Youth Service - Rtn.Rajul Doshi.

DRR Rtr. Hansika Shashani, DRR Elect Rtr. Kushal Bhuva and Dy. DRR Rtr. Apurv Gangar from Rotaract District 3141 graced the occasion.  Rtn. Ashmi Parekh Dist.Avenue Director Youth Services judged the best dressed male and female and best dancers male and female and gave away the prizes to the winners.  President Anand Gupta & First Lady Anita felicitated the dignitaries and sponsors. 

-          Rtn.Rajul Doshi