Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Project GreenEARTH

Trees play a vital role in the equilibrium of the ecosystem. Deforestation is a process of cutting trees to make space for pastures or for industries and households of the ever-increasing human population. Excessive cutting of trees for urban use and other purposes is detrimental to the environmental balance.  Trees are responsible for drawing up water from the soil and releasing moisture into the atmosphere. Climate change is a severe outcome of the excessive cutting down of trees.

It is imperative that we humans are responsible for the state of our Planet today.  And we alone can reverse the climate change by changing our attitude towards the environment.  One of the simplest things, according to our President Anand Gupta, is to take a pledge to plant at least one tree on one’s birthday and anniversary and other celebrations at home or office.  If this thought is put into action, we can reverse the situation in the next few decades, if not years. 

With this thought in place, Anand embarked upon his first project of the Miracle Year – Project GreenEarth.  It’s been a tradition at our Club to give small mementoes to members and spouses on their birthdays and anniversaries.  Instead, he translated his thoughts into action by decided to plant a tree on every such occasion and handover a Project GreenEarth Certificate to the members and spouses while wishing them Happy Birthday or Happy Wedding Anniversary.  What a wonderful gesture!  I am sure, this Certificate brings more joy and pride to the recipients than the material gifts which they have been receiving over the years.

In association with Gokhale Education Society’s Agriculture Institute and Krishi Vigyaan Kendra, we have planted 120 Chikoo trees.  Work is in progress for planting another 90 Drumstick and 240 Kesar Mango Trees which will be completed in the next 2/3 weeks.  The project envisages maintenance and security of the trees by the Institute who have installed drip irrigation system for watering the plants and appropriate fencing to protect them from grazing cows and other animals.

President Anand Gupta, Youth Service Director Rajul Doshi and senior member Rtn.Dr.Ramesh Shah visited the site of our Project GreenEarth at Kosbad Hill, Tal.Dahanu, Dist. Palghar on Monday, 29th October, 2018.  The entire team of the Institute was present at the venue to receive us and thank us for choosing them as the partners for this well-conceived environment project. Also present were Principals of Gokhale Education Society’s Kosbad, Waki and Talasari Ashram Shaalas. Students of the Institute performed Tarpa Dance. President Anand Gupta appreciated the efforts of the Institute in execution of the project with voluntary assistance from students.  All the volunteering students were felicitated by RCBW and a Participation Certificate was handed over to them. 

- Rtn.Rajul Doshi

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