Sunday, 28 May 2017

Brand Value for an NGO

Since we decided on this year’s oration under Kalyan Banerjee Leadership Lecture by Brand Guru Shri Jagdeep Kapoor titled Leadership Brand. Brand Leadership, it set me thinking about the value of having a good Brand for an NGO in achieving its vision and mission.  A little search on ‘Google’ and I came across some very interesting stuff!

A key factor in people deciding which charity they want to support includes the emotional stimulation that NGO can provide. Supporters expect an NGO to have certain core values; that they are compassionate, caring and ethical. If you think of a charity that has a strong brand, at the heart of it you’ll find they are exceptionally good at expressing what their core values are.

As an NGO we need to define our vision, mission and values and what it is about our Club that is different from other Rotary Clubs and other NGOs.  This will help every one of us to deliver a clear message which will inspire and motivate people to join us as members or partners in our community service projects.

A strong visual identity also plays a vital role in brand building. Our visual identity is made up of many components; our logo, the colour palette, images, fonts, typography, illustration and much more. All of these components when put together help to convey the personality of our club and most importantly allow the community to instantly recognize us.

It’s time we at Rotary Club of Bombay West formulate a strategic plan to build our Brand by developing our own vision, misson and values which are realistic and achievable and design a robust visual identity in sync with Rotary International but at the same time differentiating us from other Rotary Clubs and NGOs in our neighborhood.

- Aslam Merchant, President 2016-17

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